Immigration Investment EB5

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Immigration by Investment and EB5 Real Estate Developments

In today’s world, a lot of foreign nationals are investing in the USA for the purpose of obtaining Permanent Residency.  There are many ways a foreign national can try to obtain a green card for themselves, their spouse and their children of 21 years of age or younger.  As real estate professional servicing international and foreign national clients I specialize in providing my clients with tools that can assist them to understand not only the process of purchasing a new home for their families but also educate them on programs that can benefit their immigration status in the USA.

I partner with immigration services professionals and regional EB5 centers that can provide my clients with an understanding of some of the investment available in different real estate developments approved for the purpose of obtaining EB5 visas.

The EB5 visas initial investments will be increasing by September 2015.  If you are thinking of taking advantage of this program you may want to apply before the increase.

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